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best of office weekend roundup 65

Kyle unmade pencils back into a tree. Click here to watch the video on his site Just saw this today on Color Me Katie! Why not frame your little awards for a more light hearted approach to a wall of achievements? Make yourself a nice little border with post-it notes on iVillage Make a cute [keep reading…]

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Swingline Color Bright Staples Games

A few months ago I wrote about Swingline Color Bright Staples and I finally got my hands on some! I pulled them out of their packaging and played around with them for awhile. The bright colors are totally addicting. Game #1 – How about loading your co-workers staplers with colored staples? It might make them [keep reading…]

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12 Recycled OfficeMate Stapler Kits to Win!

This weekly/weekend giveaway is sponsored by OfficeMate! At the beginning of July, in the middle of summer, we’re already thinking about Back to School. Really? Thinking about school and it’s the middle of summer? It’s true. We don’t want to ruin your summer but we want to giveaway a lot of goodies that make you [keep reading…]

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Staples with Tracking Devices.

Sounds scary right? Don’t worry, staples are still for paper. Swingline has come up with a new idea for staples with RFID (radio frequency identification tags.) So when you’re rummaging through giant stacks of paper looking for a report or wondering which trash can your colleague might have dumped it in you can track it [keep reading…]