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pop deluxe for your office

Think of how great you would feel everyday if you had a control panel pencil case or a Mondrian Whiteboard. I think we should take more time to create and care for our workspaces. I really think it makes a difference! (My currently messy desk

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hach office supplies

So many beautiful beautiful things! I feel so happy that so many amazing designers choose to design office and school supplies. Hach is a store in Vancouver, Canada that specializes in hard-to-get items from Korea, Japan, and North American designers. I hope to go to

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DIGS office supplies

DIGS has a brick and mortar store just north of Seattle, Washington and, thank goodness, they have an online shop too! I was browsing along kind of liking different things until I found the fish tank bookends! I would really like to have those. (Sometimes

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best of office weekend roundup 50

I think this is how we all feel. From Because Work Sucks At least your desk isn’t covered in cheetos!! From the Fail Blog Trick- fill in floor holes with melted crayons. On Lifehacker Have you seen the Note Slate?? I want it. Work only