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Smiggle for Your Office

If you want a purple, pink, green, and blue office, then Smiggle is the place. I had so much fun looking through their website and I basically want everything (as usual.) My 3 favorite items are: 1 – The Bubble Hole Punch 2 – The

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4 Office Supplies from BEAMS

BEAMS has lots of fun office supplies, among a million other things! A person could get lost on that site for hours. I limited myself to 4 items this time. Here are my 4 favorites – 1 – Fancy Pen Case 2 – Shiny Tape

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Omoi Zakka for Your Office

Omoi Zakka has a physical store in Philadelphia and, thank goodness, an online store full of stationery products! These are some of my favorites from their online shop – Pencil Flat Case Poulain Craft Stencil Rulers Record Player Tape Dispenser Timber Labo Tape Dispenser Timber

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best of office weekend roundup 87

Binder clip trap for a paper polar bear – Link I love these leather tabs that you can attach with binder clips and paper clips – Link Make easter eggs with a hole punch and some glue! Instructions on Daily Activities for Kids USB powered

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Delfonics for Your Office

Pretty pretty envelopes, patriotic tape dispensers, and an H shaped pen holder! All from Delfonics. I like their “Stationery that Frees Creativity” and “Inspiration Comes From Working” intro.

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best of office weekend roundup 85

Buy this Pencil Print I love this chalk pencil. Review on Pencil Talk Shipping tag business cards Sticky note envelopes from Muji. So cool! Office Supply Geek I want a heart tape dispenser! Link Make a bulletin board map to mark your travels. Link Pooh