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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 98

I like these little chalkboard rings These monitor arms won a good design award. True Fun DIY Hanging Notepad Project on Design*Sponge Cute pencil pouch! Three nail designs you can do at work Have you heard of pencil caps? Check out a review of Tombow

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Tombow Lead Packaging

I love these little Tombow lead tubes! The design is clean and colorful which makes me want to buy them all and display them on my desk. Sadly we don’t carry Tombow Lead, you can get it from Jet Pens. (We do carry other Tombow

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Tombow Glue Stick Pens

Tombow Glue Pens – With the glue pen gluing is as easy as writing. Sits like a pen in the hand. Its liquid glue can be applied precisely. With the line width of 1 mm, a pinpoint gluing of small details is possible. I really,

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best of office weekend roundup 80

For those who hate crooked packaging tape from Yanko Design The cutest geometric desk set up from Kikki – K Use canola oil to oil your paper shredder, according to this Lifehacker article. We’ve done this with our shredder and it worked great! Paper Lantern!

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Tombow Zoom Pens

Tombow Zoom pens are thin, lightweight, and classy. Perfect for checkbooks, planners, or any other tight spaces where you might want to store a pen. Check out the Tombow Europe website for more info about the Zoom 707, 717, and 727. Has anyone tried any

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Wite-Out Vs. Correction Tape Vs. Correction Pens

How do you choose which correction fluid or tape to buy? I tested them out today and found that the Bic Wite-Out Correction Tape is = to the Tombow Mini Mono Correction Tape. Both require concentration to make a straight line and both can bubble