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best of office weekend roundup 86

Pilot FriXion Costumes I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a detailed school desk etching – Link Last minute gift for kids! Throw a bunch of arts and craft supplies in a jar. Link Celestial Keyboard. I like the look of these Pen Pal Pen

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Cheesy Office Valentines Ideas

Do you give valentines to your co-workers? I think you should. Yes all of these ideas are cheesy but who doesn’t love a new pencil? or a highlighter? And if you have your kids decorate the tags, well then they’ll have to accept it and

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best of office weekend roundup 81

Look out for Shoulder Surfers! I loved the Bill Cunningham Documentary, especially when he was making his rain poncho with garbage bags and duct tape. This office trolley is a fun alternative to a traditional filing cabinet. DIY 3 Ring Binder Pouch A cute way

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Make Mini Rubber Band Balls

Last week I did a post about rubber band balls and then I decided to make some. I took my Acco Rubber Band Ball apart and started from the beginning. (Just in case you are wondering, the very center of an Acco Rubber Band Ball

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Zakka Life Crafts

I love these little craft projects I found on Zakka Life. Each project involves a lot of simple, everyday items like rubber bands, paper clips, matchboxes, paper, and envelopes. Here’s a link to each one – Moving Ballerina Toy Parachute Toy Matchbox Guitar Kirigami Fall