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best of office weekend roundup 65

Kyle unmade pencils back into a tree. Click here to watch the video on his site Just saw this today on Color Me Katie! Why not frame your little awards for a more light hearted approach to a wall of achievements? Make yourself a nice little border with post-it notes on iVillage Make a cute [keep reading…]

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How to Print on Post-it Notes

How have I never thought of this before! I saw a picture of printed post-it notes on Pinterest and discovered the source of this idea on these two sites – Sugar Doodle and Inka Blinka. Basically, as I see it, there are two ways to do this. I wasn’t able to completely follow the templates [keep reading…]

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Printable Orange and Black Pencil Garland

Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year. It’s still pretty warm and I get to start thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! I decided to make myself a little office-related halloween garland using a graphic pencil I found on this Open Clip Art site. Download my Halloween Pencil Garland PDF, print [keep reading…]

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Fancy Masking Tape

I got this idea from Sara’s blog – DIY Sara – and had to try it out for myself. Here’s her post – DIY Deco Tape – all you need are sharpies, masking tape, and wax paper (optional if you are comfortable doing it directly on whatever you will be sticking it to). You can [keep reading…]

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Decorate a Paper Fan

One of my favorite stores to visit in Soho is Peal River Mart. Every time I’m in the area I have to stop in for some Hi-Chews and some cheap little item to play with. A few months ago, I bought this plain, bright red paper fan for 99 cents (or less) to draw on [keep reading…]