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breaded paper clips

I could have included these paper clips in the roundup but I didn’t want anyone to miss them. Don’t they look delicious? You can buy them here. Why not grab a bread basket USB or pizza USB while you’re there? Visit the Small Ideas shop on Etsy.

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best of office weekend roundup 53

Carpet made with paperclips. So cool. See more pics on We Make Carpets Infographic documenting the final game of the 122nd Edition of the Wimbledon Championships Men’s Final between tennis giants Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Pens become pen nunchucks! Link to PDF on CubicleBot Little pencil heads on Junk Culture This guy has an [keep reading...]

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best of office weekend roundup 52

Sharpies are so so pretty. Paper Pastries Tumblr How to ace your next phone interview from Jobacle This wave tape dispenser is beautiful from Hunter Gatherer Coffin & Work Desk Combo. Sad. From the Collared Sheep Make your own tabbed notebook use labels and stickers. Link These are made with thumb tacks and foam balls! [keep reading...]

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paper delights from today and tomorrow

I found some awesome paper stuff on Today and Tomorrow that I have to share. The Eraser USB is pretty interesting. Shows how disposable those things could be someday and it has a cool double use. Gears made out of paper! See the second video at the end of this post. Link This photographer builds [keep reading...]

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best of office weekend roundup 45

Nothing like hiding under a bunch of post-it notes. From Cubicle Bot It would be cool if this existed! Shred the lines – on Flickr This makes tweeting painful – seen on Paper Stone Man I love colorful supplies – on Flickr Is this really how pencil sharpeners work?? Jk On Flickr Pretty cool office [keep reading...]

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12 Verbatim Clip-Its to WIN!

A few months ago we did a Verbatim USB drive giveaway and this week, we have another one! What’s cooler about this one? The design. Designer Armen Emami wanted to send his girlfriend a video on a USB drive but didn’t want to send it loose in an envelope. Wouldn’t it be cool if he [keep reading...]

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win a present from the verbatim christmas tree!

Christmas will be here next week and I’m so unprepared. In case you are too, our weekly giveaway this week is sponsored by Verbatim! They are giving away Verbatim Tuff-N-Tiny 4GB USB Drives to 12 of our readers. This item is a new product to me and I really enjoyed reading about it. Let’s be [keep reading...]