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Cheer up at the office

So I don’t want to make you that cheery, because that’s just annoying. But it’s been rainy in NY for the past week or so and the forecast says at least a couple more days of rain and I definitely need a boost! I’m a

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5 Monday Morning Gadgets

Monday mornings are always interesting. Either you stayed out late all weekend and your exhausted or your weekend just wasn’t long enough and you wake up wishing you had done more of that! Anyways, here are some geeky products, perfect to brighten your day. The

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Protect your data with a Lock

Nothing is more logical than to use a lock to protect your Usb Key drive. It’s great to stop your coworkers from stealing your usb drive in most situations. The lock comes in the three standard Tech color, black, silver and white. [via GreenHouse]

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Utility Knives get an upgrade

Victorinox, makers of the original Swiss Army knife, are trying to keep up with the times with its new “Presentation Pro” utility knife. The new Presentation Pro from Victorinox adds tech to the traditional blades and scissors of the Swiss Army knife, with tucked away

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Gadgets for Both Your Office and Home

Let’s talk versatile. Most of the things you get for your office are probably of no use to your home and here are some cool, versatile gadgets that will better your office AND your home. USB Drink Holder. When your coffee gets cold because you