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The New Coming of The Floppy Disk

Remember the floppy disk, the 3½-inch black square that could store up to 1.44 MB and that is now relegated to landfill, and cost dollars to dispose of correctly. Anyway, like many things for the 80′s and90′s, it is having a stylish comeback. People are great at finding ways to recycle and are making the [keep reading...]

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Spooky Office Supplies

Happy Halloween, to all you scary readers. Ok, I know that Halloween is in a couple of days – but like most holidays, we celebrate them the whole month before. What I love about halloween is the enthusiasm is brings among the creative minds. Between the amazingly detailed pumpkin carvings, the gruesome costumes, the spooky [keep reading...]

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Olympic Usb Drives

The 2008 Summer Olympics debuted in Beijing with one of the most impressive and the most expensive opening ceremony. Beijing based company Lenovo, one of the first partners of the Olympics, released several official series of Usb flash drive inspired the events – probably in an attempt to make back some of the money poured [keep reading...]

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Flash Drives That Will Make your Mouth Water

You won’t find these at your local grocery, nor will you find these at your favorite office supply store; but you will definitively want to wolf down all of the following Flash Drives. There has been a certain craze for USB 2.0 gadgets and for case modding, in the past couple years. Why limit ourselves [keep reading...]