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DIY Paper Bows

So, yesterday I decided to make myself a quick lil’ DIY project at the office :) With brilliant Neenah paper, I knew that my project would look pretty, regardless of how much I screwed it up!


These bows are so cute and fun, you’ll be crafting them at each and every opportunity you get to do so! And with holiday season right around the corner, these bows can spruce up your gift wrapping skills with a little homemade love <3 Did I mention that they are also SUPER easy to make? Take a peek at the picture tutorial below and you’ll wonder why you ever bought gift bows from the store in the first place!

6677 DIY Paper Bows

33 DIY Paper Bows


Fold the opposite ends of the pattern featured at the bottom towards its center and scotch tape into place

55 DIY Paper Bows


Place the bottom pattern on top of the middle pattern. Wrap the top paper pattern (the long skinny rectangle) around its center. Tape into place.


22 DIY Paper Bows


111 DIY Paper Bows


So cute :)

And check out my totally decked out ah-dorbz computer screen:

My desk2 DIY Paper Bows


Did you like this tutorial a bunch? Check out its complementary Vine here:


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  1. Diana Smith Hill says:

    That’s cute! I shared on facebook and twitter @helobuff and myfavorite paper craft is scrapbooks!