Our Favorite 2013 Thanksgiving Day Parade Float!

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is waking up early in the morning to watch the parade on TV (or in person, depending on how determined you are to brave the bitter, early morning chill & crowds of NYC).

I, unfortunately, woke up a bit late and could only catch the later half of the parade on TV, but, like, ohmigosh, the Pepperidge Farm Float was so super Shoplet-perfect I just knew I would have to write about it today.




Accompanied by girl band sensation Fifth Harmony, Goldfish Finn and friends streamed down the streets of NYC  in a float decked out in some Shoplet favorites, like books, toys, thumb tacs, crayons, paperclips and pencils!



If you can’t already tell, Shoplet’s a bit cray about office supplies, so this float made each and every one of our hearts melt into a puddle of sheer awe.

According to the Pepperidge Farm press release, the float was meant to capture “the creativity and imagination of childhood,” celebrate the Goldfish brand’s 50th birthday, and promote the new Goldfish My Way e-commerce site, which “allows users to personalize Goldfish packages by adding photos and custom messages, and even selecting their favorite Goldfish cracker colors to create special combinations.” Cool!

I think that I’ll take advantage of the Goldfish My Way site when thinking up some creative stocking stuffers for my baby nephew (he loves goldfish!).

And, if you’re looking to stock up on Goldfish this year, Shoplet’s got cartons of ’em available to order.