4 Easy Employee Appreciation Ideas


Ever wonder what inspires people to stay loyal, be brand advocates and be more productive workers? Most people would guess a salary increase right? Well, although more money is a great thing, paying employees more doesn’t always equate to consistent high performance on the job. According to Forbes magazine, the top 2 reasons why employees choose to change jobs were concerns over salary and feeling under valued. Happy employees are productive employees and there are many non monetary ways to make your staff feel appreciated and valued. With a little creativity, your staff will have lots to look forward to and motivate them to push towards higher performance. Here are 4 easy employee appreciation ideas for a productive and happy work environment.


Employee Lunches

It’s simple. Treating your staff to some catered lunch is a great way to show that you care and appreciate their hard work. Everyone loves good food and you will be surprised at the positive response you will get by the small gesture.


Contests and Incentives

Generating fun contests and challenges can re- invigorate your staff. Why not try a sales goal contest where the winner can win tickets to a concert, baseball game, or even a half day on Fridays! When employees work towards a goal that also has benefits for them, creativity and motivation drastically increases. One prominent digital marketing agency has an annual easter egg hunt in their offices, where employees work in teams and scour the grounds in order to find them all. One egg always has a highly coveted grand prize and teams come up with creative ways to strategizing their plan of attack. Contests like this one has resulted in an increase in productivity, more open and deeper employee relationships and has become something that employees look forward to every year. Who knew that a simple game like this could become an office culture tradition and help build team morale.


Employee Gifting

Gifting your staff for a job well done or for a special occasion can make them feel valued and appreciated. A great non monetary idea is to gift with promotional products. Here are some ideas you might want to consider.

corporate professionals

A great brief and tech pad case are great for entry and mid level corporate professionals who demonstrate consistent high performance. Desk buddies like this digital photo frame and super cute coffee mug are also a nice touch.

Busy executives will really love this leather detailed travel duffle and wrinkle free button down dress shirt. A classic high quality pen and desk clock are both functional and chic.
sales team

These guys are always busy busy busy. Make their job easier with some good looking necessities like this portable charger, commuter back back and pad folio to carry all their essential client information. A cozy and sleek half zip wind jacket will make getting around a breeze.

Hosting an awards dinner

This has proven very successful for many companies. Hosting an awards dinner for your employees brings your team together outside of a strictly work environment. Getting dressed up and going to a nice dinner is always a great thing to look forward to. Events like this also foster team building, internal branding and closer employee relationships. Hosting an awards ceremony is also a nice way for a company to publicly recognize the accomplishments of it’s employees. It is also a great motivator for under performing employees.



It’s human nature to want to feel like you are a part of something great and that your efforts are helping to make a difference. Spacing out events like these throughout the year is a great way to keep your staff motivated. It’s also a great way to build your office culture. Have suggestions for awesome employee appreciation events? Let us know about it in the comments box below!