8 Things Nurses Feel When Watching Grey’s Anatomy

Here at Shoplet, we love indulging in the occasional juicy TV drama. There’s something super addicting about watching a secret love affair slowly unravel or that despiteful character returning from beyond the grave. One show that definitely has us hooked this season is Grey’s Anatomy. This medical drama is reaching the finale of it’s twelfth season in mid-May, and we’re super psyched to catch up. We know it’s only TV, but this show has given us plenty of insight on the working wonders of hospitals and the lives of doctors and nurses. That led us to wondering, what do nurses– someone on the inside, really think about medical dramas and movies? That case can finally be close today, as we break down things nurses feel when watching Grey’s Anatomy!

And don’t worry, there’s no spoilers here, so enjoy!

1) When medical dramas uses the wrong medical treatment.

Shock Asystole

Um, nice try but that’s not the real procedure.


2) Or how busy hospitals always seem to be on TV.


Because major cases like this happens like every day.

Gunshot Hospital

3) Most medical dramas start in the field because medical school is way to stressful to reveal on TV.

Almost Doctor

Almost Doctor 2

4) And interns rarely get to see the insides of an operation room.


5) On TV, doctors seem to be responsible for every step in patient care.


shut up

In actuality, nurses are the ones who do everything!



6) Do all doctors look like this IRL?

Doctor 2

Doctor 1

There’s a reason why they called him “McDreamy.”

Doctor 3

Doctor 4

5) Because then we can see how whirlwind romances seem to spring up easily at work.



But seriously please STOP. Stop with the PDA at work.


6) You will definitely become life-long friends with some of the people you meet here.



7) And once in a while, TV truly captures our emotions accurately.

Tired Doctor

The Bad…


And the Good.


Funny Doctor

8) All that makes being a nurse or doctor worthwhile.

Real Doctors

Hair Flip

Are you a nurse, doctor, or someone who works in the medical field? Let us know how you really feel about watching medical dramas by leaving a comment below!

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