A Few Back to School Essentials & Homework Tips

Let’s talk school supplies and homework tips:

Ball Point Pens and Highlighters

Use color ball point pens or highlighters to color code your notes! Color-coding, hi-lighting, and underlining are important habits for your child to acquire when reading important, school-related material. Studies have consistently proven that students who study with color coded notes score higher than students who study with conventional black and white notes. Such results are due to the fact that color coded material means fewer eye fixations, so studying becomes a much more fluid and enjoyable process.


Post-it Notes

Because, let’s face it, what would you do without them?! Post it notes work well as bookmarks for your literate student. After your student discovers a note-worthy section, passage, or sentence in his or her book or textbook, he or she can jot a few thoughts on the post-it note and stick it into the page that they wish to refer back to. Post it notes function as cheerful little reminders to study!

post it notes

Academic Planners

It is of UTMOST importance that your child keeps his/her academic planners organized. Academic planners help kids visualize their upcoming projects and create to-do lists. Students who keep organized planners not only perform better academically, but also cultivate valued personality traits, like consistency, reliability, and thoughtfulness.


Graphing Calculator

When your student graduates from middle school to high school, he/she will probably need a graphing calculator. There’s much more to algebra than PEMDAS! Actually, graphing calculators are necessary for standardized testing. Keep your student mathematically magical with a graphing calculator :)


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