Annoying Office Workers: How to Spot and Pop the Sore

annoying office worker

Almost every office has them. They are represented by both genders, and come in all shapes and sizes. Their favorite word is “me” and “I”, and seems to be on a perpetual quest to reach the Guinness record for cramming the most numbers of first person pronouns into the longest running sentence possible. They dress in loud tackiness and drown themselves in pungent fragrances, hoping to recapture their bygone high school days. They are always there, lurking nearby, trying to get in on every conversation, looking for juicy materials to turn into office gossip and sabotage employee friendships. They are annoying, and sometimes bordering on malicious intent as they attempt to instigate conflict for their own entertainment purposes. They haven’t heard that office disruption is bad for productivity. Luckily for you and me, these individuals are a minuscule minority in the work environment, but due to their lack of self-assurance in this competitive economy, and their insatiable need for attention, they make themselves heard like there is no tomorrow, equating their childlike cry for attention with status and respect from co-workers.

Enough is enough you may say. It is time to do something when these annoying individuals are taking a toll on your productivity, making it hard for everyone to finish their normal workloads. The following are some intuitive advices from the Office Wellness Guru over at Blog.

The Dr. Evil and Mini Me Approach
  1. Mirror them. The mirror reflects, and shows their true color. Mirror these individuals and give them a taste of their own medicine.
  2. Accidentally leave this article in highly visible places. Accidentally leave this article open on the computer screen near where this individual sits. Accidentally print out a few copies of this articles and leave these articles near places where these annoying people frequent. You think someone can take a hint?
  3. Dangle a piece of juicy but false news at places they lurk. And watch these annoying office workers pick up these false news, spread it around, and self-destruct as their gossip turns out to be completely untrue and humiliating.
The Better Person Approach
  1. Avoid these annoying individuals at all costs. Seriously, they are not worth your time and energy. You have enough to do at the office without having to participate in petty verbiage that is going nowhere. These annoying individuals thrive on attention, paying attention to them only fuels the thing they crave the most.
  2. Stay calm. These annoying individuals thrive on getting reaction out of people. Showing your annoyance only hurts your own health, and does nothing to improve current situation.
  3. Laugh at them. Take a step back and you would more than likely see the humor in the situation. These individuals’ insistence that the world revolve around them is quite entertaining, especially when everyone knows it isn’t so. These individuals are quite funny when you do look at it.
  4. Empathize with them. Try to understand their pestilent behavior from their perspective. Confident, content people don’t normally become pestilent and attention-seekers. There may be somethings seriously missing in this person’s life that reduced them to such self-involved state and desperate need for attention. Their annoying behavior are most likely a form of self-therapy.
  5. Feel sorry for them. They are slightly pitiful. Their annoying behavior will eventually isolate themselves from others at the office.
  6. Have a heart to heart. Some annoying people may truly be immature, and may be truly unsuspecting of the effect of their behavior on other office workers. Maybe a sincere chat may enlighten this individual to their pesty conduct.

Wahahahahahahahaha, that’s us, doing an Dr. Evil impression. Do you have any stories or advice concerning annoying office workers you would like to share? Leave it in the comments, and we are sure to include it!