5 Unique and Easy Ways to Celebrate Small Wins

Anniversaries, graduations, birthdays and weddings aren’t the only events worth celebrating. Finally cleaning out the garage after putting it off all month long, or making plans to start your own small business? Those are small wins worth celebrating, but the sad truth is not many of us do.

People typically have no problem punishing themselves for making bad choices or for poor performance. We are quick to criticize and deny ourselves happiness when our own expectations aren’t met: even for the littlest offenses. Conversely, it seems we have a tremendously difficult time rewarding ourselves for a job well done. This behavior sets you up for failure for one major reason: you are essentially telling yourself that you are not worthy of  being rewarded. This can decrease motivation and can make small wins feel meaningless.

Celebrating small wins activates the human reward circuity in our brains. This helps to keep us motivated, energized and triggers feelings of pride and accomplishment. All things that help propel you forward. The great thing about celebrating a small win is that they don’t have to be grand, fanciful affairs. That is, unless you want them to be!

If you think celebrating trivial things like an aced exam or nailing your grandmother’s recipe feels silly, congratulations. You are just like the rest of us. Now, go get yourself some cake and celebrate the journey rather than the outcome. You’re celebrating because you are becoming who you want to be. So go ahead. Feel silly and treat yo’self!

Here are some fun ways to celebrate small wins.
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