Cheer Up Your Office with Motivational Posters

So I’m pretty late to the How I Met Your Mother party, especially being that the season finale was, I dunno, last month?? Well, I have finally reached the episode where audiences are bestowed their first glance at Barney’s office, which happens to be decked out in the inspirational posters that basically every grade school in America hangs high in their hallways. Of course, Barney’s “inspirational” posters are a little more fitting to his bro-esque personality.
This one, in particular, made me burst into peels of laughter:


These posters are hilarious becuase they’re sarcastic –  you wouldn’t actually see any of these hung up in a real office.

But motivational posters can serve a purpose, especially at the office. When persevering through a drowsy, procrastinate-y day, it’s usually the cheesy, cliche, coos of encouragement that get back on our feet.

Not to mention, there are a bunch of hip artists out there producing motivational prints that don’t done bland pep words like “TEAMWORK” and “INSPIRE.”

Here’s are some cutesy & clever motivational prints by Lim Heng Swee aka ilovedoodle, found via My Modern Met, to rival Barney’s of HIMYM:



We’re obviously fans of this one, featuring a sweet ol’ sheet of college ruled paper!


So frame these in your office! Because everyone- from coworkers & employees to networking contacts & business partners – is happier when positive energy circulates the environment.

Cheer up, buttercup :)

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