Colourful Envelopes that GRAB Attention

Although web-marketing campaigns can be conducted quickly and cost-effectively, they don’t necessarily yield profitable results or secure brand loyalty. For instance, email marketing newsletters are often over-saturated with useless content that’s stodgy and overtly sales-y. It’s easy enough to habitually delete promotional emails, or ignore blaring banner ads, in the same way that you toss away the white envelopes in your real-life mailbox. Which is all to say that, for marketers, the art of placing a potential consumer in direct contact with a new product or service can be arduous. To insure that people open your mail, use colourful envelopes that grab attention!

Now, let me reintroduce you to (the revamped) postage marketing campaign. Enter Blake Juice Seal and Peel Envelopes:


These envelopes are BRIGHT, LOUD, and ATTENTION-GRABBING. If ever your eyes happen to chance upon one of these juicy envelopes in your home mailbox, you’ll likely feel a twinge of curiosity to see what’s inside…



And that’s just the point! What’s brilliant about these envelopes is that they’re visually engaging. They don’t blend in with the rest of the junk that you let float to the wayside. Rather, they scream bubbly energy & “don’t throw me away just yet!”

Perhaps, what’s most appealing to marketers about running a postage campaign is that they’re more authentic than any digital campaign. A potential customer’s holding & reviewing a physical promotional letter means that that potential customer is taking time out of his or her day to become acquainted with the promotion itself. Postage marketing, if executed successfully, can create a quiet, intimate dialogue between the potential customer and the product being promoted – a situation that rarely ever happens between email subscribers and their promotional emails.


It’s no secret that people respond well to marketing campaigns that are appropriately coloured. By directly appealing to our culturally constructed visual associations (green inspires calmness, while blue summons cleanliness), colourful marketing campaigns can best communicate a brand’s unique narrative to new audiences. By sprinkling in an extra ten cents of colourful creativity, your snail mail marketing campaign won’t seem so prehistoric. Rather, it will come off as cool, hip and worth a customer’s time.

But colour isn’t everything. Quality counts too…


Don’t pour your finances into a campaign that comes off as crinkly & cheap. It’ll make your brand seem crinkly & cheap as well. And worthy of tossing aside.

These Blake Touch Velvet Peel and Seal Envelopes are durable, soft and hearty. Amidst a pile of junk mail, the recipient of a Velvet Envelope will FEEL the importance of whatever promotional marketing message you have inside.


A marketing campaign is only as good as the effort you put into it.

These envelopes are available at Shoplet UK!

  • The envelopes look great and people would open them first because of curiosity and the fact that they say pay attention to me.

    One problem with colored envelopes is if you want something to get from point A to point B quickly it is better to use a white envelope. The reader at the post offices usually can’t read the writing on the colored envelopes and they are set aside and sorted by hand after the white envelopes are completed.

    So, if you use or plan on colored and bright envelopes it is best to post them a few days earlier to ensure they get to their destination on time.

    • Diana

      Thanks for the insight, Beverly! And you’re absolutely right. Either sending the envelopes out a few days early or using address labels are decent ways to combat the issue of legibility.