Did you take the stairs this morning?

If you did, pat yourself on the back. Then read this:


I ran across this ad this morning and quickly retraced my steps for the day.

  • Ran down 4 flights of stairs in my apartment building (+)
  • Ran down 2 flights of stairs to the subway (+)
  • Ran up a huge staircase (instead of taking the escalator!) out of the subway (++)
  • Took the elevator up 22 floors (give me a break!)

I don’t even know if we can take the stairs here! But seriously, this ad made me never want to take the elevator ever again. The Ad Council website had a lot of “motivational” ads in their obesity prevention section.

Newspaper Ad:


Print Ads:

obesity_bikini_mag obesity_lostspare_mag

Maybe your boss needs some of this?:


Just kidding.

How did everyone else do today? Comment about your steps below!

0 thoughts on “Did you take the stairs this morning?”

  1. Cheap Checks says:

    Lol! I love the one with the plastic air release coming out of the stomach. I wish I had one of those! I have 4 flights of stairs in my house so I make sure to use them.

  2. Kim - Office Furniture says:

    That is just brilliant, I have stairs in my house to the bedroom must have gone up and down them 4x this morning and the stairs to my car too

  3. Alec says:

    Parked further down the street and took the stairs 3 flights!! Great post. Had to try hard not to laugh out loud!! Definitely ads that make you stop in your tracks and…well, retrace them. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Teresha says:

    Parked the car slightly further away than usual, chose the use the ladies that isn’t closest to the office – hey, every little bit helps :-)

  5. Lisa says:

    Cute! I need one of those plastic doo hickeys after the Burger King I has for lunch (groan)

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