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Introducing the Print Hammermill App!

Hammermill recently launched its newest application for Apple & Android devices: with the new Print Hammermill™ app, anyone can print from their mobile devices to wireless printers. Printing at home or on-the-go is now just a click away– how neat!

But just WHY should you care about this app? I mean, like, how often are you actually going to use it? To banish yourself of any doubts, just watch this video (because I’m at least 95% certain that you’ve been in a printing crisis similar to this one!):

watch Introducing the Print Hammermill App!

What’s more? For a limited time, in celebration of the new new year, the Print Hammermill™ app (valued at $12.95) will be available for FREE (yessss)! Just go to iTunes or the Google Play store on your device, search for “Print Hammermill,” and download your app!

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And watch this video to learn the basics of Print Hammermill. Easy peasy, printing’s [now] a breezy!

mobile to printing Introducing the Print Hammermill App!

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