Ladies in Biz Say “Let’s Ban Bossy”


Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg is quite the role model for women in business, both young and old. Lean In, Ms. Sandberg’s latest best selling book, has inspired women to reassess their cultural roles and, perhaps, pursue more challenging & fulfilling career paths. Also, her Ted Talk, titled Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders, explores the negative connotations and stereotypes that women face in leadership roles that are traditionally appointed to men.

Recently, the Lean In crew has launched a new and compelling campaign to “Ban Bossy.” ¬†Powerful female leaders like Condoleeza Rice, Beyonce, Jane Lynch and Diane Von Furstenberg speak out about how calling any female words like “bossy” or “pushy” bullies them away from achieving their entrepreneurial dreams.

The Shoplet team endorses the efforts of any and all individuals who withstand the challenges of building up a business. It’s a competitive & judgmental world out there – we get that. And women, just as much as men, should feel supported in their determination to create and contribute to our colorful and thriving society. Three cheers to Sheryl Sandberg and all of those involved in the Lean In efforts!

Watch the video commercial Lean In produced to encourage everyone to stop calling ambitious ladies “bossy”: