make them pay up with venmo

Group meals are tough. Say you go out to lunch with a bunch of your co-workers today. Everyone orders together and orders completely different items. One clueless individual says hey, let’s just split the check evenly (wait didn’t you get a salad and he got a steak?? how is that fair?) Or one person has cash but everyone else has credit cards. This is a dilemma and no one likes to be responsible for the “pay back.” or the “hey I’ll get you next time!” Sure they will.

This is where my new favorite app comes to the rescue. Venmo.

Here’s how it works.

-Get the Venmo App
-Sign up for a free account
-Go to a group activity
-Feel frustrated because no one has cash
-Offer to text your friend your payment if he covers you on his credit card
-Text your friend John your payment from Venmo and say “3.00 for starbucks hot chocolate”
-John receives the text and accepts the payment
-Money comes from your credit card and goes to his account

Read more about it in a way that probably makes more sense on the Venmo website

“it’s like your phone and your wallet had a beautiful baby” – from their twitter profile

Has anyone else tried it? (if you’re stressed about security, read this) Let us know how it goes!

P.S. (while we are on the subject of good apps to have if you are working/ living in NYC – let me suggest

iTrans – best subway app out there
GeeTasks – syncs to your google to-do list. Check off stuff and schedule different items
Mint for the iPhone – great FREE financial planning software
Epicurious – this is how people that have to work a lot still eat nice meals. Look up meals while you’re commuting and take the shopping list to the store.

Share your favorite iPhone apps below!!

  • Only problem for us Australians is we drink too much at lunch and a ) loose our I phon b) Text the wrong person the bill c) Eat at macdonalds …:)