Make Yourself At Home.

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Every day when I walk down the street and look up to the buildings into people’s window, I am often amazed by how nicely decorated their apartments are. And there are times when you are appreciating the superb interior design, as you walk past the residential building and come to an office building, your eyes are offended all of a sudden; by the creepy looking office space. What is ruined is the peace of mind and the warm and cozy feeling instilled in your head by the beautifully decorated apartment you saw a second ago. You are stuck with images of dull white light in your head on the rest of your way home. Then there is the question: If you spend almost as much time at your office as you do at home, why don’t you make your office feels like your home?

Google understands the relationship between interior design and productivity and it takes a very unconventional approach to design their offices.

Artificial Grass in Google Office - America

Library Area with Plants in Google Office - America

'Tent' Conference Rooms in Google Office - America

Minimalism with high quality has always been Google’s style, and such idea is shown throughout their offices. Google’s interior design approach does not overwhelm one’s eyes with way too many bold colors. It also uses fun furniture – like massage chairs and pool tables to make the workplace more fun and more like home for its employees.

There are three things that deem the most importance to create a homier office.

Lighting. Good lighting will help to increase productivity. If an office is too dark, it might put your employees to sleep especially when there are computers or other devices that strain human eyes around. In contract, too much light will cause glare on screens and cause discomfort. How much light an office needs depends on the kind of work the office does and also the age of its employees. To make your office feel more like home – not your bedroom, the lighting used in a café or a restaurant would be a good attempt.

Space Usage. It is okay to have a lot of things in your cubicle or in your office, you just need to organize it. Use colorful filing supplies can help to keep your mind entertained. Unless you are going for a retro or a cyber home, use the homier wooden bookcases instead of plastic or steel ones. Plan your space and target to reduce unnecessary motion.

Plants. Plants are great – both artificial plants and real ones. Not only do plants help to relax your eye muscles, real plants also consume excessive carbon dioxide to keep your concentration at a high level. According to a recent study, employees react quicker and are more focus when plants are added to an office. If someone has an allergy, use artificial plants instead. Artificial plants are low-maintenance and have a longer life span. It is also easier to craft your interior design with artificial plants because they will not change in shape and size.

Also, research on how colors can affect the human mind before deciding your theme colors. For example, orange, yellow and red are colors that can potentially increase our appetite, if you cannot endure the potential long-lasting hunger, then maybe you should not use too much of those colors to decorate your office.

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