Mark it up and share it

One of the most difficult emails to send is one that has a screenshot of a website where you’re trying to point out something to your colleagues. You can take a screenshot with a mac or use screen capture on a pc but the picture never seems to look just right. It’s too big or gets cropped, all sorts of weird things happen to it. This morning, I got an email about this website – Markup. There is no installation required! (I don’t know how they code that). All you do is drag the little icon to your bookmarks bar. Then go to a website:

Click on “=Mark Up” in your toolbar and you’ll get this:

Now mark it up!

But instead of sending that screenshot, you hit Publish in the right hand corner, slide the button across and they give you a unique URL that you can send to anyone.

I like that you can write stuff all over the webpage, even in the bottom! You can draw freehand, use the text tool, or use the shapes!

I feel a little in the dark as far as security goes (publish isn’t the most comforting word to save something) but I think they are working on updates and adding new features. They are just in beta for now. Try it out!