Office-friendly Cell Phones

After implementing music players, cameras and video recorders, what else can/should a cell phone do?

Bang Olufsen Serene Stefano Casanova Concept Phone
Triple Watch Phone by Manon Maneenawa Chinavasion Projector Phone

1. Bang Olufsen Serene. A square cell phone is pretty unheard of. At first sight, this phone has a very unique design. Instead of the traditional grided cell-phone key pad, it has a retro-inspired circular keypad. It also has a built-in camera on the side of the phone. The phone is as big as a palm and is very easy to carry around. It is designed in a way that you can stand it on your desk just like how you would do to a clock.

2.Stefano Casanova Concept Phone. From the beginning when we started to implement cameras into our cell phone to nowadays when we are trying to implement the entire computer system, our technology is advancing by the day at a incredibly rapid rate. Besides its extremely elegant minimalist exterior, this concept phone by Stefano Casanova is operated using Windows and it includes a built-in micro light projector integrated into the LCD which comes in handy for presentation.

3. Triple Watch Phone by Manon Maneenawa. This is a phone of my dreams; a phone that does not need to stay in a pocket; a phone that can be worn as a piece of accessory. Designer Manon Maneenawa came up with this Triple Watch Cellphone that allow users to slide the middle piece out, extend it, and use it as a regular phone. If sliding our your watch and using it as a phone is not your style, you have the option to use the Triple Watch with it’s headset unit and talk using a wireless connection.

4. Chinavasion Projector Phone. Although the Stefano Casanova concept phone has much more elegant design, it is still a concept. From Chinavasion, we have this projector phone that is already in the market. Selling at the high 200 USD to mid 300 USD range, this phone is capable of projecting a 640×480 imagery on flat surface. It has a touch screen, blurtooth capability and a micro SD card slot. Although its exterior looks exactly like an old Nokia phone and it’s user interface is an unbranded clone that iPhone uses, it is one of the first first cell phones that has a built-in projector. ■

  • agoodic

    some day ago ,i bought one for my sister.
    she like it very much.
    so i think it is very good!

  • Aaron

    To Alec:
    Thanks for the complement. The iPhone and the Blackberry are all figured out by the public. It would be more fun to talk about phones that are not as well-known – the good stuff :)

    To David:
    If I wanted a projector phone, I would probably go with the Stefano Casanova. I love its design.

  • David

    That projector phone certainly did make a big impact when it came out around September. If I remember correctly it even pipped 3M’s handheld projector to the post.

    I think that is the product page if anyone is interested

  • Rad post! Thanks for showing other phones besides the blackberry/G1/or iPhone! I enjoyed the watch phone. Looking forward to more office tips in the future.