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Don’t Crash Your Springtime Vibe by Catching an Office Cold!

You know what they say,“April showers bring May flowers”…and  the sniffles. The office is one of the easiest places for colds to spread. Protect yourself against that guy that doesn’t wash his hands, that girl that constantly licks her fingers, and every other possible office mishap that can get you sick this season. Save those sick days for when you really need ‘em! Here are some essential sanitary items that you can use to keep your desk (and yourself) germ-free:

Hand Sanitizer: Our hands are exposed to an insane amount of germs throughout the course of the day. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer at your desk to kill any nasty bacteria that might be looming, like e. coli. Just make sure you don’t use it as a permanent hand washing alternative- while hand sanitizer kills germs, it’s not like it actually cleans your hands!

Kleenex: Caught a case of the sniffles? (Or maybe your co-worker is a little emotional). Whatever the runny nose may be, a box of Kleenex will always come in handy!

Anti-Bacterial Wipes (ie. Clorox):You don’t know WHAT could be living on your keyboard, desk space, or telephone. Invest in some antibacterial wipes & frequently wipe down your workspace. Antibacterial wipes kill yucky bacteria, leaving you with a much cleaner & healthier space than if you simply used a plain paper towel with water.

Airborne Immune Support Chewable Tablets: Keep your immune system strong! Invest in multi-vitamins or tablets to keep yourself healthy. The best way to prevent illness is to begin by protecting your body from the inside out. Immune Support Vitamins will lessen your chances of catching the colds that normally spread throughout the workplace. And the best part? They’re fun & tasty to eat!

Nobody likes to get sick, and nobody wants to be that person who infects the entire office. Keep yourself and your colleagues healthy this “aaaah-choo”-ey season with these helpful office aids!

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