Tips for How to Pack an Interesting School Lunch

This year is about being creative! Follow these tips to turn a boring lunch into a fun meal your kids will enjoy.

1)  Get colorful: Your kids might be more interested in eating healthy foods if they look pretty! Pick colors that pop and make healthy eating look like fun


2) Get creative with shapes:  Use cookie cutters to carve out fun shapes in your kids’ peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!



3) Goofiness is key: Kids love skewers! It makes lunchtime more “fun.” Take toothpicks and stack cheeses,  fruits, even grapes or tomatoes.



4) Stick to variety: Pack three different types of food every day. Veggies, fruits, proteins, and legumes are essentials to a healthy and happy lunch!


5) Most importantly: Include a treat! Children love sweets, but make sure to keep the sweets at least a little nutritious! Great options are home baked goods, like banana bread or carrot cake…even rice crispy treats made with cocoa and peanut butter can brighten up a kid’s lunch!



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