What we do for Swine Flu

You could say that the Swine Flu epidemic has a direct effect on our average work day at Shoplet.com. Everyone from our sales team to our customer service dept and even our marketing dept has been busy trying to help our customers prepare. We understand that everyone wants to protect their employees and their families from any sort of germs going around.

It is interesting to see reports of the epidemic on the news and the way people are preparing. I can’t say that I feel the urge to to wear a face mask in public but I have been reaching for the hand sanitizer a bit more often that usual. I don’t know a lot of details about who is actually getting swine flu. It seems like a healthy diet and a healthy body is just as important as using hand sanitizer and washing our hands properly. It is much easier to catch all that junk if we don’t have healthy immune systems to begin with.

Those opinions aside, in the healthcare and government sectors, keeping your hands germ free is crucial. At work, we all have these little Purell Pals on our desk: (You can get your own Pals here.)


Here are some other great products from Purell that are great ways to keep your hands clean and avoid germs.

Purell NXT Space Saver Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and Refill
“Promotes hand hygiene by killing most common germs without need for soap and water.” The perfect duo.

PURELL Hand Sanitizer Bucket
“Use anytime for quick cleanup. Durable, textured wipe sanitizes hands while wiping away light soils; dries quickly.Ideal for offices, restaurants, health clubs or anywhere germs may be.” I like the idea of having a big bucket of wipes you can grab all day long but it does seem kind of wasteful. Then I again I do prefer rags over paper towels to clean and rags are definitely less sanitary.


Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer with Aloe
“Kills 99.99% of common germs that may cause illness, without soap or water.” Plus, aloe always feels really nice and light green is such a soothing color. I wish I had some of this stuff.


PURELL Moisture Therapy Instant Hand Sanitizer
“Sanitizes and moisturizes your hands in one simple step.” This would be perfect for me. I always forget to put lotion on- this would kill two birds.


The Purell Tfx Dispenser
This is how you can be real hi-tech. I recently flew out of JFK with Jet Blue and the Jet Blue terminal is stocked with these guys. “Touch-free dispensing system means no need to touch a dirty dispenser. Automatically dispenses the perfect amount of soap needed in a single shot.”


Has anyone tried any of these products? Please share your opinions or advice! Also, if there are any other products you would recommend please feel free to comment with a link. I would love to hear your tips and advice for protecting yourself from germs!

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