Say Goodbye to Disorganized Desks with Matt Baier


While my desk looks pretty neat, I know that there’s so much more that I can do to spruce it up. Placing things neatly in a corner is, like, yaknow, a nice attempt. When you have a place for everything, however…now, that’s the difference between a desk that actually is neat and a desk that attempts to look like its neat. If you’re in the spirit to find a place for everything that is out of place, Organizing Pro Matt Baier updates us on some of his top essentials to keeping a neat and organized desk. Enjoy :) 

4-What are the essentials that everyone should have handy at their desk to ensure neatness? 

Let’s start with the desk itself. A clear work surface is your number one organizing tool, because it allows for processing.  I have worked with many clients who are dying to know the “silver bullet” organizing product that will keep their desk clear.  The closest thing there is to a silver bullet is not a product but a rethinking. Instead of thinking of your desk as another piece of furniture, think of it as a tool for processing.  Find a home for every item that clogs up your desk surface and think of your desk as a sacred space, an altar if you will. Stuff can and must pass accross the work surface, but it must never serve as storage space. If you don’t take this seriously, nothing else will help.

The next essential item is a good quality file cabinet. I am shocked at what I have seen people try to file with. Invest in a file cabinet that isn’t a chore to open. It should welcome use. Much of what piles up on our desks are items that we simply need to find reliably.  A file cabinet with a user-friendly filing system will ensure that not only will you find your files reliably, but you will have a system for draining the archives annually, so there will be a comfortable allowance for new files.

My choice for storing ongoing projects is the lucite Rubbermaid Jumbo Incline Sorter, for ongoing projects, you need to make a point of acting on.  To give your to-do’s the best odds of getting to done, they should be vertical, visible, and minimal. By storing folders vertically, the incline sorter frees up that all-important horizontal work surface for processing.  Because the sorter is inclined, you have several project files visible at once, whereas if they are piled, all you see is the top one.  Getting your to-do’s to a minimal number is achieved by storing all the files you simply need to find reliably in the user-friendly file cabinet, mentioned earlier.

Finally, there should also be a minimal number of office supplies on your desk surface. The rest should be organized in easy-to-find drawers. If you don’t have these drawers in your desk, I favor the Iris 6 Drawer Rolling Cart.  The clear drawers make things easier to find. The generous number of drawers makes it easier to organize supplies and their small size help impose limitations.  You might not think you need that, but I have found that limitations breed freedom.  If you storage is limitless, your clutter will be too.

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A brief bio on Mr. Baier: After his promotion to Head of Design Services at the Jim Henson Company, home of the Muppets, Matt was responsible for managing half the staff and working in half the space, with 25% more work in demand.  To combat the challenge ahead, Matt engaged his organizing expertise, increasing the company’s production rate tenfold.

Today, Matt owns and heads Matt Baier Organization, where his organizing team uses the Matt Baier Organizing approach to declutter and organize homes & offices all across the Fairfield County and Westchester County areas.