Classification Folders Put Your Files In a Class of Their Own

Despite your best efforts to be organized, you’re not quite there yet. Your folders are labeled and your documents are filed, so why does it take so long to find what you’re looking for? Sounds like you need a folder that will vault you to the head of the class in your quest to be more organized.

Classification Folders

Smead Classification Folders are a great way to keep projects organized because they subdivide material within the folder. Fasteners on the front, back and divider panels create up to eight separate filing surfaces. Simply two-hole punch your documents, insert them in the fasteners and you have an easy way to keep all your papers organized and secure.

Order in the Folder!

You’ll easily be able to create a system to keep all your documents in sequential order by securing them in the fasteners provided in the folders. It’s a fast and efficient way to keep dated materials and to find what you need faster. You will also find your documents more secure. No longer will your papers be hanging out of the sides of the folder. They will be neatly tucked away, secured by the fasteners.

(Sub)Divide and Conquer.

There is no better way to sub-divide your materials within one folder than with Classification Folders. The divider panels and fasteners allow you to create sub-categories within any given project. Now you can keep all your memos, invoices, expenses, etc. organized by dedicating a panel to each. And once you organize the folder initially, it is easy to keep it up!

A Class for Everyone

Classification Folders offer an array of options to help meet even your toughest project needs. Folders are available in both top and end tab and come with one, two or three dividers providing up to eight separate filing surfaces. They are also available with a pocket-style divider or slash jacket, perfect for papers that can’t be punched and small items that need to stay with the file. You can also purchase folders with printed grid lines for notes.

Available in manila and pressboard material in an assortment of colors. Classification Folders are just what you need to put your file drawer in a class of its own. For more information about these products, please visit our File Folders Center