Creating More Workspace

Creating a comfortable and easy-to-use office workspace is always a chief focus when someone is trying to improve his or her organization and create a comfortable workspace that enables productivity. The prime real estate of a desktop can make or break the occupant’s ability to successfully complete projects and accomplish day-to-day tasks.

Safco Desktop 4-Drawer OrganizerIf you would like to improve your workday effectiveness, start with a good look at your workspace and identify barriers that impede productivity and may even cause undue stress.

  • Scan the desktop, scrutinizing the items that have taken up residence.
  • If you automatically leave out the stapler, tape dispenser, paper clips, white out, 3-hole punch, pencil sharpener and the 24 color assortment of colored markers, you may be sacrificing work space for what turns out to be storage space.
  • Accumulated dust on any of these usual suspects is a sure indicator that they can be stored elsewhere.
  • Eliminating some of the visual noise created by infrequently used items will help cut down on the emotional clutter. Since emotional clutter is a barrier to focusing on the work at hand, only place out on the desktop within your reach those articles used in your daily work activities.

Next, find good containment for the items that you do use frequently. To keep stationery, envelopes, fax cover sheets and the like, uncurled and within easy reach, place a Safco Desktop 4-Drawer Organizer toward an outer edge of your workspace. These units also work well for holding confidential files that should not be casually placed on an open work surface. With their easy glide drawers, drawer stops and durable hand grips, Densktop Sets are as easy on your hands ad fingertips as they are built to last with frequent use. A push up hole in each drawer bottom saves time in retrieving stored paper supplies.

Clearing your workspace of unneeded items and replacing them with those you use frequently, will not only make your work environment comfortable but can make you more productive and put success easily within your grasp.