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Kill Droids With Post-it Shooter

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What should you technically be doing on a Friday morning at work? Nothing I say. You should be eating chocolate and reading blogs. Sadly, work doesn’t really work like that.  Maybe you can take a few minutes to try out this great game. The Post-it Shooter. Basically you’re playing space invaders with post-it notes. It’s not one you could stand to play for more than 10 minutes, or even 5 minutes, but I was entertained for a bit. Download here (Download is really easy. Took 5 seconds)

This is me after defeating a monster (use arrow keys to move, space bar to shoot)

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This is when I killed a reeaaallly big monster and I guess he exploded everywhere:

4409088220 1b84d48346 Kill Droids With Post it Shooter

Avoid these green bars. They kill you. For some reason the gray and black ones don’t, not sure of their purpose.

4408321547 a9f59206c8 Kill Droids With Post it Shooter

Sorry if you see this screen. It’s pretty traumatizing:

4408321439 0280a02836 Kill Droids With Post it Shooter

Goal of game (from site) “Your girlfriend was killed in the destruction of I.T. and the Gods promised that they’ll bring her back if you kill enough invaders. Arrow keys move Moss (the last IT guy) around and use space to fire his killer laser beam.”

What a great game. Try it out and let me know if you win

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