Office Storage Hacks for Small Spaces

Office Storage Hacks for Small Spaces

Office spaces are crucial to work productivity and employee wellness. We all know that larger offices are great because they can accommodate more employees, wider desks, private office rooms, conference/meeting rooms, a break room, lounge, and more. What about small offices? Start-up companies and smaller businesses may not have an access to large office area. Don’t fret because with the right tools and products, any office space can become enhanced to reflect their true potential. Try some of these office storage hacks for small spaces to maximize your office!

Cubicles: Most offices offer cubicle desks and stations to create efficient work spaces for a wide staff. The walls and shelves help to reduce noise and limit distractions from neighboring co-workers. To maximize your employee work area and reduce unnecessary space, choose cubicles that offer the most storage options.

Cubicle with Overhead Storage

Try a cubicle with overhead storage to store your documents and files!

Cubicle with Privacy Screen

To reduce distraction for larger-sized cubicles, try a privacy screen! Available at Shoplet

Cubicles with Room for Collaboration

Is your office based primarily on teamwork? Try some of these collaborative work areas.

Shelving: For additional office storage spaces beyond employee desks, try tall bookcases, racks, and closets to hold all the essentials. Choose the appropriate shelving solution for your office needs.

Open Bookcase Shelf

For a simple look, try an open bookcase shelf to increase storage space for your conference room.

Office Lockers

Provide lockers to your employees? Try this multi-purpose locker compartment and coat bar in offer additional storage. Available at Shoplet

Yellow Office Shelves

Paint your wall shelves to give your office a pop of color! 

Break Room: It’s no surprise that free food makes people happy. Most offices offer a break room for employees to relax and get their morning fill of coffee. Snacks are a bonus to keep employees satisfy and productive throughout the long workday. If your office cannot allocate a large area for a workspace, create one! Purchase a mini fridge, microwave, and snack cabinet to make a little area just for your employees to use.

Hodedah Microwave Cabinet

Create your office break room space with a mobile microwave cabinet. Available at Shoplet

Breakroom Organization

Store break room supplies conveniently on an open-shelf steel cabinet. Available at Shoplet

Reusable Products: Another way to increase storage room is to buy less disposable items. Businesses often stock up on paper towels, paper cups, plates, utensils, and other break room items for their employees. Disposable products have their convenience but may take up too much room in the closet. Instead, try passing out reusable mugs and water bottles to your employees! Reusable drink-ware reduces waste and is healthier for the environment. Customized employee gifts with your company’s logo to increase brand exposure for your business.

Coffee on Desk

Customized office products with your brand’s logo on Shoplet Promos!

Room Dividers: Does your office have a lot of open space? Renovating your office with new walls and rooms may be out of the question, but for an instant update, try a portable room divider! Room divider partitions are becoming increasingly popular as more offices crave the option to build rooms instantly. Portable room dividers also allow your business to use them beyond office doors!

Screenflex Portable Room Divider

Create an instant office with surrounding room dividers! Available at Shoplet

Meeting Room Divider

Town hall meeting in the office? Prop up privacy screens to designate a meeting area.

Office Training Rooms

Or create instant training rooms for new employees and staff! 

These hacks can help you update your small office space to increase workplace productivity! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.