organization inspiration

Everyone is all about the new years resolutions right now. I’m okay with that. One of mine includes figuring out why it is impossible to keep my desk and my apartment from being overcome by clutter. Living in a studio isn’t too bad besides the fact that when you put something down it instantly makes the room look messy. So I’m on the hunt for things that will look nice and motivate me to put stuff away.

A year or so ago we received feedback for this product. Our customer said “We are storing yarn for charity work in these cubes. It works very well for us.” I pictured the cubes in my head, stuffed with beautiful colorful yarn and I really liked the idea. Below are some items to help you get inspired to organize. Don’t just think you have to put everything in storage boxes. Try a Mail sorter for colorful items – even office supplies – that you use all the time and wouldn’t mind having on display. Try the dishwasher glass rack to store thread for sewing or other loose items. There are so many options out there! You just have to be creative.

Safco Wire Cube Shelving
Dishwasher Glass Rack
HON 510 Series File Cabinet
Bankers Box
Rubbermaid Compartment Organizer
Safco Wood/Plastic Bin Organizer
Safco Wood Mail Sorter