win a Day-Timer office organization prize pack for breast cancer awareness month

Pink office supply giveaway

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or accessing the web via 56k dial-up, you’ve heard October is breast cancer awareness month. We love seeing what new office products will be rolled out in pink each year, and the fact that they’re for a good cause is really icing on the cake. We’ve rounded up our favorite special pink products in our marketplace – don’t forget to take a peek!

Day timer pink ribbon office product prize pack

In honor of breast cancer awareness, our weekly giveaway comes from Day-Timer, who have put together a fantastic line of pink products. The contest prize will be a bundle of pink goodies, including a leather binder and journal, an assortment of calendars, a memo center, and more! The prizes are all bundled up in Day-Timer’s signature pink microfiber tote.  The total value for this prize pack is nearly $250!

Look at this amazing tote of BCAM office goodies!

If you’d like to win (nearly) everything you’ll need to get organized in 2011 and show your support for BCA at the same time, leave a comment on this post. Tell us how you’ve shown (or plan to show) your support for BCA in October.

Yes, you can receive extra entries:

  1. Creating a post on your blog linking to either our BCA page or blog post (this one is worth  5 ADDITIONAL entries! )
  2. Become a fan on Facebook!
  3. Follow @shoplet and post tweet about your support for #BCAM
  4. Link us a photo of your support for BCA.
  5. Subscribe to our blog through Feedburner.

Drawing will be held Friday, October 29th! US entries only, please. Finally, don’t forget to tell us what you’ve done for your extra entries!

245 thoughts on “win a Day-Timer office organization prize pack for breast cancer awareness month”

  1. astorey says:


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  6. Lori says:

    Pretty in Pink!

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  9. justin Castillo says:

    twitter follower at spacebarshift

  10. justin Castillo says:

    Facebook fan

  11. justin Castillo says:

    I have a video at YouBoob as part of a contest that ends today.

  12. Patti says:

    I have attended a rally and contributed to BCA.

  13. W. Foxx says:

    I donate time and money; I educate myself and others. And I pray.

  14. Ann A says:

    I sub. via emails

  15. Ann A says:

    I follow on twitter @onetwomany

  16. Ann A says:

    I’m a fan on FB (angela akinniyi)

  17. Ann A says:

    I have set up yogurt label bins around my job for my co-workers to input their lids into. And I setup pamphlets around each bin.

  18. Nita says:

    I am a Shoplet fan on facebook. Love pink…hate cancer.

  19. Erin R. says:

    I bought a 2011 planner this month and part of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. If I win, I’ll gift the planner in the prize. Thanks!

  20. michelle says:

    I’m a facebook fan. I love’s prices!!

  21. Wanda T says:

    Our department at work is Passionately Pink for the Cure. We took a day to come to work dressed casually in blue jeans and wear something pink. In return we gave a donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We both win!

  22. Jennifer I. says:

    I buy pink-ribbon products that are useful to me.

  23. Judy says:

    Support breast cancer research.

  24. Maleta Benson says:

    My auntie just had her breast cancer return after 15 years. Please continue to offer “pink” items to support and create awareness of this awful disease.

  25. tami Clauson says:

    I buy BCA products to support family and friends that have fought and one the battle with breast cancer. And for those women who have the battle ahead of them.

  26. Cathy says:

    I have been an advocate for BCA since my own scare with it in 1998. I was fortunate, mine was benign. My friend and employer is a survivor and advocate. We run an out-patient mental health facility and counsel BC survivors and patients frequently so it touches our lives everyday.

  27. jennifer says:

    I purchase special items that support breast cancer awareness for my sister who will be a 5 yr survivor in February.

  28. Jean says:

    My son and I walked a 5k in a Making Strides fundraiser for the past two years. We walked in support of many family members and for all the women who are in the fight. We also have t-shirts and pins to wear as constant reminders.

  29. Deb Anderson says:

    I’ve been supporting BCA not just in October but all the time! My mother is a breast cancer survivor and it is constantly on my mind. Oh! one thing I did was participate in the Lee Jeans promotion at work. That helped to raise awareness and increase donations!

  30. Meg Remias says:

    Having a younger sister who is a survivor of breast cancer, this is very iomportant to me. For over ten years I have sent gift baskets to women who have cancer all over the U.S. My sister said when she was sick some one gave a basket to her that pampered her and made her feel like a woman again. So we pay it forward to as many women and children as we can. My mammogram is tomorrow!

  31. Kay says:

    I have supported BCA this month by getting my mammogram and urging my neighbor to get hers. We also support runners every year in the breast cancer 10K runs.

  32. Karen says:

    I wanted to do something this year the was BOLD for Breast Cancer so I raised $2400 and walk 60 miles over three days to show my support for those fighting Breast Cancer.

    I know the cure for Breast Cancer will happen soon!

  33. Guen Mixon says:

    I really like the idea of having so much to choose from that is suitable for my business!
    Love those gel pens, and my clients, and friends do to!

    I am going to do a promotion for the holidays and use these new pens for a giveaway. I am sure they will be remembered.

  34. Shantell Quintana says:

    I think that all the organizations that are raising awareness and money for the cause are great and make a difference in someone’s life. Being a Paraplegic I know the daily life change that people have to go through with a illness so severe. Just the caring and acknowledgment of the disease/illness makes a difference. My heart goes out to all who suffer on a daily basis and all who are trying to make a difference. May God Be With You All.

  35. Kathie says:

    I fully support anything that helps spread awareness for Cancer. I lost both of my parents to this dreaded illness and I hope there will be a time that it no longer claims lives. On a brighter note– I love Pink!!

  36. Donna says:

    We have a monthlong awareness at my workplace. I also have someone who sent me a site for a puppy calendar to support BreastCancer research, it is They are the cutest puppies! I plan on showing that off to interested parties to order calendars. Girl Scouts also has an interest project for older girls in regards to this issue.

  37. Evelyn says:

    My daughter went through a scary time when she was told that she has lumps in her breast. They were removed and she is now living a free life and no lump and hopefully she never gets them. We go to every event and do their walks and runs.

  38. Lindsay says:

    I buy BCA products in support of my mom.

  39. Deb says:

    I support BCA by wearing pink, purchasing pink ribbons for my
    friends to wear, I donate money and I do my daily click to
    help provide mammograms for other women. I also have my
    suggested mammograms every other year. My friend in the next
    office even bought me a pink BCA pen the other day!

  40. Joy Godsey says:

    The office I work has had several women fighting breast cancer, one recently passed away. We all pitch together and do multiple fundraisers and awareness projects throughout the year, but never more so than in October.

  41. Sarah Berns says:

    I buy a lot of BCA products since my grandmother passed away from it and my Aunt had it, but beat it!! I alos donate and attend BCA events when I am able too. This year I made a Breast Cancer tie fleece blanket for my Aunt for Christmas!

  42. Tracy Chandler says:

    I’m a BCA fan for my MOM and Wife.

  43. becky says:

    Hi, I have been purchasing items that support breast cancer and wearing pink.

  44. Tamera says:

    I have walked with my girlfriends in the Susan Komen breast cancer walk here in downtown Austin….it is an awesome walk!!

  45. Heather says:

    I LOVE everything pink so of course I purchase tons of BCA items. 2 years ago my daughter donated her hair to Locks of Love. I have known several people affected by breast cancer and am always looking for ways to donate to the cause!

  46. Tamera Barrera says:

    I always encourage everyone to get their yearly mammo!! It really
    isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be and can save your life!

  47. Cindy says:

    Get a regular Breast Exam.

  48. josh says:

    I wear some pink and made a donation to the foundation

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