Finding The Perfect Gift for Secretary’s Day: How to Choose An Appropriate Gift For Your Right-Hand Assistant!

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Planning meetings and seminars. Booking your flight. Reminding you of your itinerary. Even re-ordering your office supplies! These are just a few of the daily responsibilities your secretary or administrative assistant performs on a daily basis, multitasking his or her little heart out. Without them, your office would probably not function as the well-oiled machine your staff has become familiar with – who would make sure the water coolers were full, the fax machine was using recycled paper, or your luncheon was catered to accommodate your vegan guest?

Never a dull moment, an admin’s calendar is filled with multiple tasks, wearing many hats, and constantly maintaining the equilibrium of office activities. While you and your staff are aware of the valuable contributions assistants offer to your company, Secretary’s Day, also known as Administrative Professionals Day (celebrated this year throughout the U.S. and Canada on Wednesday, April 23, 2008) is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation & gratitude. With its history dating back to 1952, Secretary’s Day is still just as relevant today, reinforcing the morale of your assistants and acknowledging their hard work and dedication.

However, many people in managerial positions are stumped when it comes to choosing the right gift: flowers, candy, or gift certificate? Lunch and a card? Deciding what’s appropriate can be tricky, but once you’ve weighed all of your options, you can find the ideal gift to suit any assistant or secretary. Here is a list of helpful ideas to consider when shopping for a gift:

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Working with someone day in, day out is one thing…but how well do you really know your employee? Learning about your assistant’s personal preferences & hobbies is beneficial for many reasons – besides knowing what sort of gift to choose, you’ll also build a better relationship with them as an employee and as an individual. Selecting gifts based on these factors will address not only a job well done but that you take an interest in them as a person – and thoughtfulness, as most of us realize, goes a long way in any relationship, even when it’s business-related. Here are the most common ways of recognizing your Administrative Professional(s) on Secretary’s Day: 1) Flowers 2) Cards, often with shopping gift certificates 3) Taking them to lunch 4) Candies 5) Assorted Gift Baskets.

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As you can see, there are quite a few simple gift ideas available. However, knowing basic facts (is your secretary allergic to chocolate or flowers? Do they seem to enjoy new fashion trends or do they strike you more as someone who would go to a beauty spa or Best Buy will help you decipher what the most appropriate gift is.

Fine writing instruments, such as a classic, gift-boxed fountain or Cross Pen, are always a welcome gift. You can customize your pen sets with an engraved monogram, making this an even more personalized gift – the recipient will remember you every time they use it! Executive pad folders and portfolios also make an elegant presentation for the professional who prefers style with functionality.

Gift baskets are a great choice, too, as they allow you to customize what’s inside – choose from candy, gourmet foods, scented candles and other assorted themes; check out Gift for a vast assortment of baskets. Gift cards and certificates are also an ideal solution, as they’ll allow the receiver to pick and choose as they like. Some suggestions: f.y.e. (for the music lover and movie buff), Macy’s and other fine department stores, F.A.O. Schwartz (for the toy enthusiast or collector on your list), Dylan’s Candy Bar (for the secretary with a retro sweet tooth), or Pier One Imports® (perfect for the assistant who just landed a new apartment). Based on your locale, choose stores exclusive to your city or neighborhood (perhaps you have a specialty store unique to your area?) to make their shopping experience convenient as well as memorable.

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  • It’s helpful to keep notes in a log or journal regarding each employee’s preferences, etc. for gift-giving & special occasions (particularly for offices with more than one assistant), along with their birthday info – another important date you don’t want to overlook!
  • Choosing gift cards allows you to streamline the gift-giving process, especially for larger offices with multiple assistants – everyone can choose what they like and there will be no favoritism shown.
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    how about gifting a Slingshot Monkey to a secretary ???

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    pen is too common now..I hope people will have other things to give besides stationaries..:)

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