rage at your desk with desk rage

We all feel this way at work sometimes. We’re trying to put on a happy, smiley face but inside we’re ready to give all our fellow employees what they really deserve – pent up rage! I found the book Desk Rage by Nicole Cascio (she’s from new york, yay!) on twitter one day and was very entertained. I’m sure there are many disgruntled employees out there that want draw mean pictures on their notepads and post-its and wish that they could share them with the world! (or at least their boss.) Nicole has done just that! She uses her 9-5 job as inspiration for all her lovely drawings. You can follow her on twitter ( i don’t think she’s been on in awhile) , check out her website, and buy the book on Amazon!

Now is the best next white elephant office party gift ever or what?

Here’s her pretty brochure: