8 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate World Teacher’s Day

Today is World Teacher’s Day and it couldn’t come soon enough! The new school year is in full swing and we’re sure some of our beloved teachers are already feeling the weight. It’s no easy tasks educating the next generation of leaders. But one thing is for sure; everyone has a special teacher that they hold dear in their heart. Today is dedicated to honoring all of the world’s amazing teachers and educators. Teachers devote themselves to enriching the lives of our young people and deserve much more credit than what they are given.

We’re going to give you a few reason why teachers rock.

1 ) They make sure you actually learn stuff.

Funny-Demotivational-Posters-0092) The do everything they can to make sure that Annie is ok.


3) Because anyone who can deal with this should be considered a national hero.

4) They don’t take crap from anyone.

Tears_grande5) They also know that enjoying leisure time is a skill too.

funny-teaching-wins-64__6056) They know how to checkmate like a champ.


7) Because mastering the dotted line is an art form.


8) And finally, because teachers know that every child is unique.

Here’s to you, teachers!

World Teacher's Day