the weekend is not enough. sleep at work like george

Honestly, it can’t be done. One day you might be able to curl up on your desk in your office and not get caught and the next day they will catch you dead asleep drooling all over your dirty office carpet. Everyone has done the bobbing head at work (eyes slowly close, head gets closer to the computer…) but that’s not sleeping. Sleeping on lunch breaks – now that’s a good idea. But what if that’s enough? Time for drastic measures. Have someone make you a bed like setting under your desk:

Click here for a better video of the whole story

GEORGE: Jerry, look at my eyes.

JERRY: A little less beady today.

GEORGE: Because I’m REFRESHED. I finally found a way to sleep in my office. Under the desk. I lie on my back. I tuck in the chair. I’m invisible.

JERRY: Sounds like a really cool fort.

The LOL Cats version:

This post was inspired by a secret office built inside a wardrobe closet! See the rest of the pics and think about falling asleep in that comfy office chair.

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How do you sleep at work? (shhh I mean how do you not sleep at work?)