timeEdition : My Work from Home Best Friend

I don’t usually share a lot about my working life because it’s different everyday and sometimes involves a baby in one arm. Before she was born, I would keep track of my hours each day in my mind. I usually worked somewhere between 4-8 hours a day and I tried to do that all in one session, maybe two. As soon as I was home from the hospital I tried to start working. Much harder than I thought it would be! Especially because any time you have a break you need to sleep. I found that I was working in 15 minute or 1/2 hr spurts and keeping track of that time in my head was driving me nuts! As if you need another thing to keep track of besides feedings, diaper changes, and naps!

Finally I got smart and looked for a time tracking tool. Something where I could press start and stop and feel like I was accurately accounting for time – not cheating myself or Shoplet. I have a Mac so I downloaded timeEdition for free. Best thing I ever did. I only work for Shoplet but if I worked for other companies, I could keep track of a bunch of different clients and be able to stop and start time if I was answering emails or working on something for someone else.

Any work from home + a baby tips you want to share?