Trendy Office Supply Hacks

Hi guys, we have the office supply hacks you will ever need. The next 5 ideas will truly turn your mundane office supplies into desirable objects that everyone of your coworkers will desire and envy. You will be the talk of the office. If you do become unprecedentedly popular, please do drop us a line, so we, the awesome content-generators at, know that we didn’t toss and turn last night for naught!

#5 Geek Girlz Hair Tie

USB hair tie

Geekiness is the new hotness! We all know you have extra wires in your closet. So maybe it is time to air out your closet. Instead of throwing those unsightly computer peripherals out, wear it proudly this year, because we hear the geeky goddess hairstyle is the new MUST-DO for summer.

#4 Elastic Hold-It-All

elastic holder

Completely original. This simple hack will turn your cubicle into the MOMA of office supplies. All you need is 2 push pins, with an elastic band of your choice in between. And viola, you now have an extremely versatile device that will hold almost anything from pictures, to notes, to pens, to decorative objects, to even my lunch!

A Pencil Eraser

Fold a rubber band in half a few times and use it to erase pencil markings.  It works surprisingly well.

Simple Rubber Band Wallet

A Wallet Replacement

Is you wallet showing Get rid of it.  Instead, wrap your cash around your ID and credit card and then wrap a rubber band around the outside of the cash.

#3 Clipboard Picture Frame

clipboard frame

With a little bit of time and effort. You could turn the ugliest particle clip-board lying around into the best looking photo frame of your choice! This should also be relatively inexpensive compared to any store bought photo frame.

#2 Ultimate Post-Its Holder

post its holder

This is a ruler turned post-its holder, that is probably more applicable to certain offices than others. This is for all the cubicles that have cloth material as dividers. Though this type of material may be good at muffling sounds, and pinning thumb tacks in, the material is really bad at holding anything with a sticky surface. Thus, thanks to my ingenious co-worker, he devised this ruler hanging by a thumb-tack to be a hold all for post-its! Ingenious!

#1 Clear Tape Page Turner

page turner

Last, but not least. One of my favorite office supply hacks because it is so effortless to make, but so useful, especially when I have to go through massive amount of papers. For this simple office hack, all you need is tape. Simply reverse tape your index finger. Make sure the sticky side face outside. Rub the sticky part on paper towel, or cloth material a bit, so it picks up some lint and looses some stickiness. Now you have the perfect page turner, with enough stickiness to help you glide through pages.

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p.s. here is another post over at Life Hacker regarding 10 other DIY office projects.


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  • Wendy S.

    These are quite clever! I unfolded my paperclips and folded them back in half with a rounded edge and some space between the “arms” to make hairpins. Works great! I have hair down to my… er… glutes… and I only need 2 to hold my bun securely!

  • Hi nice sharing.Thanks for such a nice post here…

  • Ami

    I like the post-it idea because I go through so many in a week’s time for different projects that I’m working on. Hopefully that saves me from losing those oh so important sticky notes because they really dont stick to much!

    Chicago Web Design

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  • interesting use of things.

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