try us on google reader

Now I’m sure all of our readers think about office supplies all day long. They just can’t wait for our blog emails and roundups which bring tears of joy to their eyes.

If this is not you, then I think you should try out Google Reader. Google Reader is a place where you can keep track of all the blogs you are following or subscribing to their RSS. I like it because a) I know when a blog is updated b) It’s very nicely organized c) It means that I won’t get 50,000 emails a day from every blog I want to read. I know a lot of you receive Shoplet blog emails (which is great!) and if you still like that, great! But if you’re starting to feel sick of us in any way and you’re even thinking about unsubscribing (!), stick us in your Google Reader and read when you have time to enjoy. Not when you are trying to find an email from work and we’re just in the way.

To use Google Reader with our blog (and any other blog!) – go to and use your gmail or google account to sign up. (you can sign up for a new account in less than a minute)
Go to the link for our RSS Feed – Click Here
Click Add subscriptions on the top left side, under the Logo. Copy the RSS Feed URL address into the box. Then click Add! And you’re done.

Let us know if you switch and if you like it! (Or if you already use it and love it)