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work diet to a better you

 work diet to a better you

So, its rounding about 12:30 in the office and half of your day is done but you’re ravenous , craving a high in fat, high in carbs, high in sodium packed lunch to satisfy your emotional stress.  You’re even thinking about peeking into the office refrigerator and stealing someone’s overdue cheesecake.

I for one have had food dreams the first half of my work day.  Sometimes I would dream about hale and hearty tomato cheddar soup with cheese fries on the side, or a loaded hamburger with tater tots.  Not once have I dreamed of a salad, turkey sandwich on wheat, or even a Whey Protein Shake.

Here are several different ways to combat food dreams during office hours.

1. Bring green tea powder.

Pills or packets to work so that they are ready and available for you when you are thirsty.  I’m sure most of you are in walking distance of a water fountain at your office (unless you work in a third world country or a factory, that is)? This way every time you’re parched you can not only drink water but get extra boost for metabolism and energy. Did I mention green tea decreases your appetite by 15 %?

2. Pack your lunch, and eat it later than everyone else.

Why? First of all, as the daughter of a former executive, I know my mother always spotted out the employees who were too busy working and didn’t eat on time, or they brought their own lunches. She thought they were more diligent than those who went out, sipped their coffee and ciggs, had lunch and conversation, and then returned.  It always looks better to your boss if you bring your own lunch, it means you are a money and time saver.  You can also control your portion size and the amount of fat the food has. I suggest packing a delicious yet light meal; whole wheat pasta with chicken and broccoli, or a turkey avocado wrap with bean sprouts.  Also, if you eat around 2 pm instead of 12 pm, you will be able to feel full for the second half of your work day and not have the urge to eat a huge dinner.

3. Eat a huge breakfast.

Breakfast is the best time to binge, yet not everybody does. Stop waking up so late and train yourself to eat a huge meal after you wake up.  Two eggs with hash is a definite must, throw in a carrot juice on the side and you’re set to go, trust me when 1 pm rolls around at work you wont be craving fried chicken with mash potatoes.

4. Brush your teeth after lunch.

Yea its embarrassing if you have to go to the bathroom and brush your teeth, what if you bump into an employee and she gives you a weird look? WHATEVER, you want to lose weight don’t you? The minty fresh feeling of a mouthwash or toothpaste will make you forget about hamburgers and pizzas. Think mints in all forms, popping Altoids sporadically will also help you cut back on eating.

5. Make sure to pack a snack.

And never walk over to the vending machines or the fridge as a ploy to steal someone else’s cake! The real way to steal someone’s cake is to steal their paycheck and get the promotion so don’t think about the fridge, THINK ABOUT THE MONEY.  The skinnier and hotter you are the more likely it is that you’ll bring in the dough.  Obtain your own snack, whether its 100 calorie pack cookies by Nabisco or baby carrots with low fat ranch dip.  Once 3 or 4 pm rolls along, you’re gonna want some cookies or chips, SAY NO! Say yes to the coffee and a home packed snack.

6. Skip dinner on weeknights.

@#$*(@*#$*@#$ …yes yes I hear you all cursing me out there.  Try to skip dinner during the week, and you’ll see the results. Come home, eat more carrots, drink a martini and try to go to sleep.  Eating dinner past 6 pm is bad for you.  You’re body starts to shut down and burn fewer calories. In fact the reason why most people gain weight is because dinner is largerin proportion and heavier in fats.  Once you learn to skip dinner, you can eat lighter dinners and still feel full.   Anyway you can use the weekend to enjoy yourselves, you don’t have to do it everyday.

7.  Try to occupy your time with dates after work

Dating requires quite a bit of nervous energy, which makes you lose your appetite.  That butterfly in the stomach feeling? Yea, use that to your advantage and try to meet as many people as possible.  Dating to lose weight is always effective and quite necessary.

Now are you all ready to look hot? Follow these steps and you will.  Trust
me you will thank me for it.

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  2. Anamoy says:

    I love it. I was googling green tea and altiods and here you are READING my mind. Fabulous! I will give it a shot, even the nixing dinner part.

  3. VitaminCM says:

    I definitely agree with taking snacks to work. I used to run to the vending machine every afternoon. Now, I eat an apple or banana. I save calories and cash.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Most of this is pretty sound, but skipping your lunch break because you want your boss to think you’re always on the job? Terrible idea!

    Most offices now have a strict ‘no eating at your desk’ policy because bosses understand how important it is to take that time away. Just like regular vacations improve productivity, so does your lunch break.

    Also, very bad idea to skip dinner. Yes, eating a larger lunch is one of the reasons most European/Asian cultures have lower obesity rates. And it is also important to eat earlier in the evening, but one should never just skip eating. The body needs regular intake of (healthy) foods in order to metabolizes effectively. Otherwise you’re metabolism will stop all-together.

    As for the rest, well I hardly think its a good idea to be assuming that the skinnier you are the better chance you’ll have of being promoted, but it is important to eat healthily and keep up appearances.

  5. Ji Kim says:

    playa haters! writing an efficient blog post must have some kind of shock value miss elizabeth- that means sometimes you have to say things that sound borderline crazy or inappropriate. THAT IS HOW YOU ATTRACT ATTENTION AND GAIN MEDIA FRENZY. do you know how paris hilton got so famous? yea a sex tape. come on now get with the times.

  6. Rebecca says:

    “The skinnier and hotter you are the more likely it is that you’ll bring in the dough.”

    Besides modeling and acting, in what field is this necessarily true?

  7. Ji Kim says:

    excuse me BECKY but its true in all fields. if you have the same college degree, same ambition, same talents, and the same hardworking skills who do you think the boss is gonna pick? the fat n ugly duckling or the hot and skinny one? looking good always works to your advantage.
    learn to play the game and stop being a hata!

  8. Joey Martini says:

    Eating healthy is very important, but you can’t do it alone without working out. Loosing weight alone is not that healthy I think, so get to the gym.
    Thanx for the post!