Work Shoes-That Are Great For Your Feet!

What is it about women and office work shoes that is extremely bad for their body, and is sure to inflict all sorts of health problems down the line? Or rather, what is it about the women’s shoes industry that continuously makes and entices female office workers with these made for Stepford -wife shoes that are impossible to move in and impractical to work in! Isn’t being a female worker in the male-dominated world that is corporate America hard enough to deal with, because it’s ultimately a big boys club out there ( and they don’t play nice with girls as their equal ), without having to worry about these high-heeled contraptions cutting off oxygen to my brain-cells?! I say, NO, for now, or forever to wearing footwears that is hazardous to my health, and hinders my productivity during working hours! I found these interesting alternatives to the normal office shoes. These two shoes both have added health benefits, as well contains the potential to add funk and fun to your normal work routine!


office shoes

In case you haven’t seen these yet, you might see them really soon around you. These are FitFlop. They purportedly are the most comfortable shoes, and they have great medical benefits. Did we mention that Oprah deems FitFlop “things she can’t live without this summer”. These cushy, comfy shoes are sure to give you a workout while you walk. Every step you take with your FitFlops will be sure to tone and trim your legs. So why not try these awesome shoes and incorporate them into your already sedentary lifestle at the office. For more information on these shoes, click here

MBT Shoes!

These funky shoes sure had my attention at first glance. They look like they could kick-ass, at the gym, as well as at the office. These shoes screams, Don’t mess with me! These MBT shoes supposedly improves posture and circulation with every step, enhances the way you use muscles and joints, among other benefits to your health. I might just start showing up in my office with these awesome footwears very soon. For more information on these shoes, click here


  • MBTs are a great tool for athletes. They improve post-workout recovery, reinforce proper posture, and help athletes engage muscles that are often neglected in traditional, sport-specific training.

  • Byron,

    Good point. We take all consideration on these matters.

    Correct, this can be considered premature advertising because at the moment demand is far greater than supply of Ryn shoes.

    In fact this is the power of the brand.

    Ryn is proud of its excellent quality and outstanding control and does not produce its shoes at the mass market rate to which the global consumer has become accustom.

    As we state and agree it is always best to try on and purchase the shoes at a local professional store. There are not that many yet but maybe one of these is near you


  • Byron Collings

    I’ve called the FeetFirstFitness phone number repeatedly. I never get anyone to pick up. I filled out the online form correctly yet I keep getting an error message when trying to login to the site using my newly created username and password. The links to the online fitting portion don’t work. Where to buy and how to fit them is painfully confusing. You have a bunch of cheesy celebrities lining the top of your website (because we all want shoes that Melanie Griffith wears – eye roll) and thats about it. The rest of the site is half functional at best.

    It’s premature advertisement. Your company reads ill equipped and unorganized. Advertise the shoes once you actually have some shoes in stock to sell and provide some explanation as to how to fit them. Thank you for any consideration on these matters.

  • Dear Dianne,

    For the last five years we have successfully advised, consulted & fitted thousands of exceedingly satisfied customers worldwide for RYN and other natural foot strike technologies.

    We very much value your passion for RYN and we share that; however you have no right to slander our business in the manner you have chosen.

    Although we endeavor to constantly improve our online product presentation, online fitting and service operations, admittedly we will never quite be able to offer the equal services of a professional local brick & mortar store. Dealing with the imperfection of thousands of miles and the massive demand for RYN Footwear it so happened that in your case unfortunately your order was unfulfilled. As you know you have been refunded in full and have received a store credit for your inconvenience.

    We also understand that you were able to fulfill your original objective and get fitted with a pair of RYN shoes elsewhere and we are glad to hear that.


  • Dianne

    I would love to try out a pair of RYN shoes. I would love to so much that I ordered a pair online from Feet – the first sponsored link when I googled “RYN”. I paid $240 to them online on 2/18/09, and never received any acknowledgement of the order, although the money was immediately charged to my Visa card. I wrote them on 2/24 and asked them for a tracking number. They replied the next day that although their website had indicated the shoes were available in my size, they were in fact not available, and they would be issuing a refund. Waited several days; no refund. I called and emailed – they responded on 3/03 that the refund had been issued but it would take a few days. Waited 7 more days; no refund. I emailed and called, and now they no longer respond at all. I have reported the fraudulent transaction to Visa, and strongly urge anyone considering buying RYN shoes to stay away from these scammers. You will never see the shoes or your money again.

  • I heard that RYN shoes will be coming soon to bliss spa.

  • We are now selling RYN Footwear online at and at Feet First in Boca Raton, Florida. The demand for RYN shoes & RYN sandals is so high here that many styles were already sold out before our first shipment had even arrived.

  • Katrin

    Has anyone heard of RYN shoes that are really popular in Europe right now? ? They look similar to MBTs but claim to have better stability and energy return. Plus as I can see a lot more style! They have amazing looking hot dress shoes that will work you out at work, they claim. What I really like about RYN is that they have a wide selection of sport high models with an air cushion for people like me who are looking for ultra workout & toning results. Does anyone know where I can buy RYN shoes in the United States?

  • I have seen a co-worker wearing those shoes and it really looked funny watching her walk!!!

  • Like the Shoe, a great and comfortable idea. Happy feet at work will produce more results for each business!

  • Would be much better than the high heel (torture) shoes women wear now to the office!