working from a bus

I would say this is a new one for me! I decided to visit my brothers in Baltimore a few weeks ago and the only days I could go this week were Mon/Tues. Normally I work those days so I thought I’d probably end up staying up late at my brother’s house, working after everyone else went to bed.

When I booked through Bolt Bus, I saw that they have free internet! I can’t think of a better way to spend my traveling time. I will say that the internet did not work until we got through the Lincoln Tunnel and into New Jersey but that’s okay (I also considered creating a Personal Hotspot using my iPhone but it turns out that costs money!)

Have you ever worked from a bus before?

P.S. NYC to Baltimore in a car >> At least $100 in gas and tolls (round trip)
NYC to Baltimore in a plane >> $100-$200 plane ticket (one way)
NYC to Baltimore on the train >> $100 (roundtrip or one-way, not sure)
NYC to Baltimore on the Bolt Bus >> $30 (roundtrip) + working + the guy next to me who keeps falling asleep and touching my leg