Monthly Archives: June 2009

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Dry-Erase Board Ghosts..oooh scary!

[Thanks to Adam Kinney for this great visual] The marketing team at Shoplet received a whiteboard last month for scheduling! Great right? It came with a special marker and advised you only use that special marker.  Sadly to say I decided that one color was

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Reasons to work at a Shoplet Warehouse.

  This morning my breakfast consisted of a handful of marshmallow mateys and a candy bar. After that candy bar (which I ate ridiculously fast) I was ready for more. Then I remembered, yes we do sell candy on It was at this time

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5 Office Fashions. Is it hot or totally not?

I came across this little blog called Career Fashion Blog which gives women tips on how to dress in the workplace. Sometimes I’m probably a little too opinionated on what is in style and what is really not (probably way too opinionated actually.) Instead of