Friday Fun: Do You Know Our Planet’s Solar System? [Quiz]

In case you haven’t heard the exciting news yet, this past Wednesday, NASA have announced the discovery of a new exoplanet system! An exoplanet refers to a planet which orbits around a star outside of our solar system. The discovery reveals 7 Earth-like planets orbiting at 40 light-years away. More research is needed to identify whether or not these planets, known as TRAPPIST-1, can sustain life. Based on current observations, NASA astronomers expect the new worlds to be constructed of a rocky terrain. This discovery has led us to wondering, just how well do you know your planet’s solar system? Try our quiz here and let’s reach for the stars!


Question #1: In 2006, Pluto was reclassified as a ‘Dwarf Planet.’ What was the reason?

Question #2: What is the age of our Solar System?

Question #3: Which planet has the most moons in our Solar System? (In case you’re wondering, the total # of confirmed moons is 63!)

Question #4: What is the correct order of planets orbiting around the sun in our Solar System?

Question #5: What is the largest crater ever caused by a meteorite? (This crater is approximately 300 km in diameter!)

Question #6: Which of the following is NOT a discovered exoplanet?

Question #7: Comets are sometimes referred to as the “dirty snowballs” of space. What are they made out of?

How well will your friends do? Share your results!