Best Of Office Weekly Roundup #168

Callooh callay! Today is the day of days for deal-lovers across the U-S of A…Happy Black Friday, everyone!




The above images are by the talented artist Zara Picken. I chose the ones that are most related to Black Friday (and, hence, this Roundup post), but check out her other masterpieces. They’re totally, straight-up adorable and clever and ticklish-ly great:

Zara Picken’s website

Zara Picken’s Flickr

black friday lol

I’ve never had the pleasure of shopping on Black Friday, but I image that the mob scene looks pretty similar to this .gif of guinea pigs.


What Do We Do All Day suggests 15 fun family alternatives to shopping on Black Friday…because Thanksgiving’s supposed to make us feel closer to our families, not hyped up on crazy determination to score the best deals!



Speaking of quality time, with family, friends, whoever…when buying presents on Black Friday, don’t forget to accompany each gift with a lil card. Seriously. Cards add that wonderful, personalized flare that make gift-giving so special. I just love this coffee card by Brooke Weeber. It’s available on her Etsy store, thelittlecanoe. You can also view more of her work on her website. Enjoy :)


DID YOU KNOW: that to extend the pre-holiday shopping season (the most profitable time of year for most retailers) President Franklin D. Roosevelt attempted to push Thanksgiving to two weeks earlier than it’s usual date (which is the last Thursday of November)? The concept of celebrating two Thanksgivings was not seriously observed my most American households, and, thus, “Franksgiving”  was soon dropped.

If you’re interested, TIME magazine offers us some interesting facts about Black Friday.


This Sweet Potato Pancake recipe is probably not the best way to lost some Turkey Day weight, but they definitely are a delicious way to take care of leftovers ;)


And this is the “Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich.” (At this point, I’m basically salivating on top of my keyboard).


According to this brief article, 20% of Americans will be working on Black Friday (Shoplet included!) and 33% of people who do have off on Black Friday still intend on accomplishing some work.