Best of Office Weekly Roundup #170


I was late to the Marc Johns Highlighter Kids party. He published this series to his blog waaay back in 2010, but gosh are they appropriate for Shoplet’s weekly roundup.  I love the weirdly adorable effect of the kids’ deadpan expressions mingled with their bright, playful neon attire.


Found on Etsy, this handmade lap top satchel by Etoidesign will cheer up your wintertime work or school commute blues.


Also by Etoidesign on Etsy, this iPad mini case is just so cute!  These will make great gifts for the holiday season, too.


Like these cup covers? Contact CreativeImaginings through her Etsy and she will personally sew one for you! These are great for any teacher or home office.

Washi Sink

With chipper patterned washi tape, Megan from Honeywerehome made her bathroom look so pretty!


Erland of Morning Creativity introduces the Porcelain Painter. Now you can decorate your break room coffee mugs!




5 meeting alternatives to coffee dates…because you can get a mani pedi AND discuss business at the same time, right? Via Marie Claire.


Helen Musselwhite’s paper collages are AMAZING.


Inc. magazine found this thoracic bridge stretch to help us hunchers improve our posture! This stretch looks totally simple & easy– it takes only 30 seconds to complete!


According to The Art of Doing Stuff, you can resurrect a “dried out” Sharpie by dipping its tip into a cap filled with rubbing alcohol. Check it out here.

oragami treesss

Ana-Rosa of My-Lifebox teaches us how to make paper origami Christmas trees. Even more explicitly, set to the background tunes of Mogwai (great music taste!), she also provides us a Vimeo video tutorial to ensure that we make these trees juuust right!