Best of Office Weekly Roundup: Candies of Yesteryear

Best of Office: Candies of Yesteryear

All good things must come to an end, no matter how sweet and chewy it may have been. Shows end their original runs on TV after a few years (unless it’s The Simpsons), friends come and go, the seasons change, and our favorite snacks disappear one day from the corner store and we might not even give it a second thought. In this week’s roundup, we remember some of the more memorable candies that were all the rage back in the day before the noise they made died down for good. Welcome to our Best of Office vintage list featuring “Candies of Yesteryear.”

1 - BarNone

BarNone had nothing on Twix!


Hershey’s introduced this chocolate-filled delight to eager kids in 1986. Before gourmet chocolate bars were actually a thing, Hershey’s was the first to market with its own line of–you guessed it–gourmet chocolate bars. The company combined a chocolate-covered cocoa wafer and filled it with more chocolate and peanuts (because you can never have too much chocolate, right?) to “tame the chocolate beasty.” If there’s a slogan that’s edgier and more intimidating than that, we haven’t heard it. The candy was finally discontinued in 1997 due to poor sales.

2 - Bonkers

The perfect candy to throw at someone’s head


Introduced in the ‘80s, Nabisco created a candy that had a gum-like outer shell, a fruity inside, and an over-the-top ad campaign that featured mundane characters being “bonked” into zany antics by a giant piece of fruit from above. This candy proved that marketing and sales go hand-in-hand: When the ads for the candy started slowing down, so did its sales. Nabisco discontinued the brand, but there have been rumors that they might be making a comeback, so look out for them in a candy store near you.


3 - Shoplet

Like a kid in a virtual candy shop

While it is sad to think that these tasty snacks will never come back, you can at least be happy that we have so many other different kinds of candy to choose from today. But why run out to the candy shop when you have already arrived at the candy shop right at your fingertips? We carry more candy than Ritchie Rich can buy (remember that obscenely rich kid?)

4 - Jujubes

Yowza! Look at all those colors!

In 1920, the Heide Candy Company introduced Jujubes for the all world to enjoy. They were candy drops made of starch, gum, and corn syrup. Want to hear something interesting about this candy’s history? When it was first introduced, Jujubes did not have a strong, distinct flavor like you would expect from modern day, brightly-colored candy; that’s because chemical flavorants at the time were prohibitively expensive in production costs, and parents might not have been willing to spend the extra cash on their kids for them. Even Jell-O at the time had a dull flavor compared to its modern-day offering due to the lack of chemicals. Food for thought.

Saying goodbye to something or someone you’ll miss is never easy, but the great thing about goodbyes is that they leave behind new hellos. So the next time you remember your favorite discontinued candy, just do a little digging at your local convenience store or website and you just might find that there’s a new candy similar to it for you to enjoy.

Oh, and don’t forget to brush your teeth.

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